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For Granite Staters, Trump will be on the ballot twice come November 3. Donald Trump has attacked our health care, women’s reproductive justice, our voting rights, and our collective sense of decency. Through it all, Sununu has stuck by Donald Trump’s side, calling himself, “A Trump guy, through and through.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic is taking the lives of more than 900 Americans every day, Sununu welcomed Trump with open arms to hold giant potential super-spreader rallies — and refused to enforce a mask mandate.

Take our quiz now to see if you can differentiate between real Trump or Sununu quotes.


(It might be harder than you think...)

Derivative of Gage Skidmore Photo. CC BY-SA 2.0



Who said COVID-19 was just “the flu”?


Who repeatedly called paid family leave a “vacation”?


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¹ The governor echoed Donald Trump and undermined public health officials by comparing COVID-19 to the flu. Watch the video above.

² Sununu repeatedly called paid family leave a “vacation”. Watch the video above.

³ Sununu he boasted about his opioid recovery initiatives despite overdose emergency calls remaining at extremely high levels.

After Trump’s misogynistic comments about groping women, Sununu refused to rescind his endorsement.

 Sununu divvied up relief funding, without the regular oversight monumental decisions

Who gave millions in no-bid contracts to his political donors and then personally refused to answer a journalist’s questions at a press conference?

It doesn’t stop there — when distributing relief funding, both Trump and Sununu have helped special interests and big donors take advantage of COVID-19 relief funding and have opposed common-sense policies to help working families.

For the next nine weeks, Granite Staters will learn just how much these two men have in common — and just how much they’ve already cost New Hampshire.